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For more than 20 years, we have provided our customers with the latest in computer navigation and marine electronics integration.

In the beginning, there weren't many systems available. The most prevalent system at the time was a DOS based system called Maptech. Laserplot soon was a major player and even provided their own hardware. Tide and current, celestial programs and a couple weatherfax programs were about it. Maptech even attempted a radar overlay using the Furuno 1510 radar and a compass input. Data connections for email was being accomplished using the Motorola bag phone at 9600 baud and satellite phone systems were just beginning to connect at 2400 baud for data.

A few years of this technology and out came the new guns: a couple of programs called Navtrek and Chartview. These were Windows based and were very easy to use, and a couple new chart companies, the BSB and NDI emerged as well. There was another program that broke out from Russia called Transas. The reason for mentioning these companies is that in time, the owners of Navtrek and Chartview determined they did not need to compete but would do better by merging. Upon their merger, another company trying to compete, Jeppessen, known for the avionics navigation software, came on the marine navigation scene. In a short amount of time, Jeppessen bought Nobeltec and provided charting from the vector based charts manufactured by Transas.

Computer hardware "manufacturers" started up in those days as well. These companies determined that the mariner needed a better computer system to run all this software. They tried coating the internal boards with water-resistant spray, shock mounting the hard drives, making laptops waterproof and so on. What was found about these "marinized" computers was that the spray sealed the parts from air needed to cool them; shock mounting just changed the frequency of the vibration, and in order to use the waterproof laptops, you had to open the covers on the serial ports and other components in order to plug in your GPS and other electronics. These all made the mariner realize that using a standard computer and taking care of it worked just as well.

Today, we are on the verge of even more and better changes. C-Map has been purchased by Jeppessen Marine and a whole new world of charting and navigation has arrived. Today's computers are more compact and robust. Monitors are working better in sunlight. We have radars, depth sounders and camera systems, high speed broadband communications, weather and control systems all working on networks sharing data with the improved NMEA 2000 protocols. Why tell you all this?

SATCOMNET has been there all along, and we are leading the way in integrating all of this for you. Contact us today. We can make your yachting more enjoyable.
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